Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mylan Vietnamese Restaurant - Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Mylan Restaurant in Wollongong is always buzzing by midday – one of the most popular restaurants in the Wollongong CBD…so book!  We’ve been visiting Mylan since it opened its doors quite a few years ago now.  TBG is addicted to their pho (soup), the Veg Daughter loves their vermicelli spring roll salad and the youngest of 4 loves the sate chicken.  I love it all!

Buzzing by midday

It’s a great place to eat when you’re on a mission in the city.   If you’re looking for a romantic lunch…forget it - Mylan is busy and noisy however the reason it’s so popular is that service is fast and friendly.   The food is fresh and tasty.   They cater to carnivores and herbivores with plenty of options.   It’s bright and buzzy.  

TBG adores their Special Pho (pronounced ‘phir’).   This is Vietnam’s national soup and is basically a beef broth with flat noodles.   Mylan’s Special Pho contains a combination of different meats.    A side plate of accompaniments including chilli, lemon, bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint and sauce is delivered with your Pho and you can add whatever you wish for extra flavour – TBG adds the lot!

Mylan's Special Pho - Vietnam's national soup - beef broth & flat noodles.
A side of bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, sauce, chilli and lemon to add to the Pho
Today I had the King Prawn Vermicilli Salad.  The prawns were coated in seasoning and lightly fried then added to the cold vermicelli with grated carrot, cucumber and cabbage.  A light and tangy lemon dressing compliments the dish.
Servings are large and I only managed to get through half of my salad.  My daughters and I usually share.

King Prawn Vermicilli Salad
Local ABC radio personality Nick Rheinberger and Andy Keating - a gentleman responsible for helping hundreds of Vietnamese children get the medical operation that would change their lives.

Seated next to us was a lovely old gentleman called Andy Keating.   Andy has had a special relationship with the children of the school where I teach.    He has been responsible for raising thousands of dollars ($100,000 alone from our Kiama Lions Club) to assist in the operating costs to transform the faces and the lives of children in Vietnam who were born with facial abnormalities such as cleft palates through Operation Smile:   http://www.operationsmile.org/    As little as $100 can mean a new future for these children.  The students of my school also produced ‘Shoeboxes of Love’ which Andy took to Vietnam.  These boxes were decorated by the students from Kinder to Year 6 and filled with special gifts for a Vietnamese orphan of the same age.

Lunching with Andy was local ABC morning radio personality, Nick Rheinberger.   No doubt Andy was promoting his worthy cause. 

As for us...we were in and out of Mylan within the hour – exactly what we wanted!

The restaurant is BYO.   The meals are reasonably priced and the fact that it's full at midday attests to it's good food and popularity. 

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